Grateful and on cloud nine!

Just a few days into 2019 and excited for the possibilities this year will bring! Taking time to reflect on my path to becoming a full-time artist.

I took my first steps in 2014 as I began painting to help heal from the loss of our home and our precious pets. The healing powers of creating art will always be there. I continue creating because it brings me joy and I want to pass that joy to others.

I am very grateful to those who have supported me as I have progressed on my artistic journey.

All my love and gratitude to my husband Christophe, our daughter Emilie, my mother Elsa and our family and friends for believing in me and being there for me every step of the way.

THANK YOU to my clients for your huge compliment of taking my art home with you!

Thank you to my friend, Walter Hofheinz for encouraging me in 2014 to paint and for sharing my first studio space at the Continental Gin Building with me.

A special thank you to Virginie Naigeon and Amin Malek at Avanti Dallas for hosting my first solo exhibition at their Arts Al Fresco event!

Thank you to Todd Morgenstern for your friendship and displaying my work at your showroom at the Dallas Market Center.

Thank you to the team at Maddrey PLLC for including my art in your two Art Exhibitions in 2018!

I was honored to be exhibiting alongside three amazing women artists at the ArtSpace Metropolitan Press Bold | Brave Showcase!

I am excited to have been selected to show my art in the December Texas Visual Arts Association December Showcase and am looking forward to being in the January 2019 Showcase!

Thank you to Liz London for asking me to be an artist representing her wonderful company benefitting nonprofits through art, Art For Your Cause.

I am very grateful to be a part of Color Me Empowered, helping to bring art and art education to kids!

I am very happy to have found my artist home and my artist tribe at my new studio at the Goldmark Cultural Center: Artspace & Studios!

I am definitely on cloud nine anticipating an art-filled 2019! Stop by and visit me at my studio #135 at the Goldmark 14001 Building!

Here are two pieces I recently created, one at the end of 2018, Fractured Floral, the other I painted today and it has yet to be named! Stay tuned!

Back to school!

As of this fall I am back at school! I won’t tell you how long it’s been since the last time I was a student, suffice to say it’s been awhile!

I made the decision to pursue fine arts painting back in 2014 and I have never looked back! Over the past four years I have taken classes, watched a lot of art tutorials on YouTube and in general taught myself to paint!

I set a goal for myself this year to take my art education to the next level and take some formal education in art.

This September, I began pursuing a Fine Arts Certification with Sessions College for Professional Design! Over the next six months I will be taking Drawing, Figure Drawing, Painting, Visual Arts, Art History and Watercolor!

I am super excited about all the art education I am going to soak up!

Below is an assignment I recently created for my Visual Arts class.

I was asked to create two quick, free form compositions, one focusing on something happy and one focusing on something sad. Then I was asked to describe each one. Below are my compositions and their corresponding descriptions.

I am happy to report I received an “A” on the assignment! Plus my instructor is nominating my works to be featured in Sessions Student Art Gallery!

Happy Composition:

I created this composition recalling the very happy and joyous time I spent with friends and family in Paris this summer. While I was there, I usually walked to get where I was going. There were flowers everywhere, in the parks, on balconies, in floral shops! They made me happy! I created this painting with a variety of pastel colored acrylic paints. I tried to capture the abundance of flowers with a very spontaneous and abstract technique. Painting with pure abandonment and joy so as to try and convey the happy feelings I had discovering each and every bloom.  

Intro to Visual Arts Exercise 1 Happy Andrea Lamarsaude.jpg

Sad Composition:

In this composition I tried to convey the overwhelming sadness that enveloped our family when we lost our home and pets to a fire in 2014. I used a flower stencil, black and burgundy spray paint and a red acrylic paint to create a multi-layered piece using the complexity technique. I painted abstractly and quickly, almost roughly to push the sadness and anger I felt into the painting. The flower stencil represents our home and pets, the layered spray paints are the ash they became and finally the pops of red to convey fire, anger and destruction. I used a transparency technique between the layers to visually represent what we lost.  


Intro to Visual Arts Exercise 1 Sad Andrea Lamarsaude.jpg

Reflection - Paris Le Petit Palais - a painting made with love

I am excited and honored to be the debut artist at the Avanti Restaurant 2018 Art Al Fresco exhibition!

I wanted to share the story of one of my paintings on display at the Al Fresco exhibition, that is very dear to my heart - Reflection – Paris Le Petit Palais.

The painting is an homage to Le Petit Palais, one of my favorite museums in Paris. It was originally built for the 1900 Universal Exhibition and became a museum in 1902. The ornate decorations of the Petit Palais are typical of the 19th century Belle Époque (beautiful era) when Paris seemed to be the artistic center of the universe.

One of my favorite things to do when I visit Le Petit Palais is to spend some time taking in the peristyle-bordered interior gardens that are filled with lush, almost dreamlike flowers, foliage and water-filled basins.

I created my painting to honor my love of Le Petit Palais and the beautiful City of Light it lives in as well.

Reflection - Le Petit Palais is a collage work made using hand cut image transfers of photos I took in the interior gardens,  combined with hand-painted and fine papers and then finished in a final layer of iridescent acrylic paints.

Here is a photo showing the beginning stages of the work and the photos I mentioned above, that I used for the image transfers.

Process 1 Reflection.jpg
Vase close up.jpg

In the piece you can see the details of this 1908 Sèvres porcelain planter decorated with garlands of hydrangeas and a close ups of the basins in the interior courtyard gardens of the museum (see photos above).

Here is a photo of the final painting:

Reflection final painting.jpg

And here it is at Avanti,  hanging next to my painting, Meadow in Blue and Green, in the main dining area.

Refelction at Avanti.jpg


If you are interested in bringing this lovingly made work of art into your home please visit it’s page in my Art shop

I hope you will join us soon at Avanti - to enjoy the perfect combination of food, wine, music and art!


Color Love

Exploring colors this week that make me feel happy and joyful and bring to mind our current, and my favorite season, spring! 

Dedicating these creations to my friends Virginie and Amin at Avanti Restaurant for all your love and support and the chance to showcase my art at your upcoming Art Al Fresco Series!

Happy Dallas Arts Month!

Our new Dallas Uptown Life!

Excited to have recently moved from Downtown to Uptown Dallas! 

Grateful for my new studio which is an artist's creative space dream come true! Natural light, more square footage! and energy busting out all over the place! 

Larger canvases and messy acrylic pours here I come!

Want to experience the positive, creative energy and chat about art? Reach out (see my contact page on how to) and come visit me!


Uptown Studio 8.png
Uptown Studio 2.png
Uptpwn Studio 4.png
Uptown Studio 5.png

RAW Artist Dallas ENVISION Showcase - January 11, 2018

The RAW Artist ENVISION Showcase was an amazing experience! My first official showcase! Thank you to Shauna for swooping in and helping me setup, providing moral support AND doing my makeup for the evening! How spoiled was I?!

Thank you to Walter, Kim, Elizabeth, Greg, Ashley and my daughter Emilie and her boyfriend Max for coming out to see my show and all your love and support!  Thank you to my husband Christophe who helped me with all the prep work for the show and was very much missed as he had to be out of town for work.

I am on top of the world with inspiration from the evening and excited for the next steps in my creative journey.

Some of my near term goals:

1. Create more art of course!

2. Showcase my work at the upcoming market at Dallas Market Center.

3. Submit my art to the Vignette Women's Art Fair 2018 (April 11-15 at the Women's Museum at Fair Park) Call for Artist Submissions. 

Here are some photos I wanted to share from the RAW Artist ENVISON Showcase!

Andrea at her showcase.jpg
Andrea at her showcase 2.jpg
Andrea showcase 2.jpg
Andrea and Ashley at RAW.jpg
Andrea Walter and Kim at RAW.jpg
Raw Artist ENVISION Showcase wide view.jpg
Andrea and Shauna at Raw 2018.jpg
Shauna and Emilie at Raw 2018.jpg

New York, stormy New York

I recently went to New York City with my family for a long weekend. The weather was perfect for most of the trip but the last day when Tropical Storm Philippe paid the Big Apple a visit.

Strong gusty winds and heavy rainfall enveloped the city. This painting was inspired by that stormy, wind and rain filled day.

It was originally a mixed media piece (acrylic and hand-painted papers) that needed some more love. I used a mixture of dark blue and green alcohol inks to create an overlay on the piece. It instantly transformed the work into conveying exactly what the city looked like that stormy Sunday in October.




Arts creations after summer vacation.

It's been an incredible summer! I had the opportunity to visit some very dear friends in Paris. While I was there I checked out Sennelier, at their oldest location in Paris. A multi-level treasure trove of a store, with every type of art supply you can imagine! Visit their website to entice yourself to hop on a plane to Paris and go visit them! 

Paris Art store 1.png
Paris art store 2.png
I was reasonable and only purchased a few bottles of their incredible alcohol inks. So many colors to choose from!   Here is my first creation on a 23" x 35" piece of Yupo paper, with some of the pinks and peaches. mixed with some Golden high flows acrylics in florescent pink and white. It's good to be back in the studio again. Looking forward to more creating this fall!   

I was reasonable and only purchased a few bottles of their incredible alcohol inks. So many colors to choose from! 

Here is my first creation on a 23" x 35" piece of Yupo paper, with some of the pinks and peaches. mixed with some Golden high flows acrylics in florescent pink and white. It's good to be back in the studio again. Looking forward to more creating this fall!


Discovering Alcohol inks and Yupo paper

I felt like a kid in a candy store when I discovered Ranger Inks alcohol inks and Yupo synthetic paper. Wow! Talk about just letting go and seeing what happens when you put paint to paper. I added in some Golden High Flow acrylic paints when I started feeling a little bolder. Experimented with blurring the paints with wax paper. Here are just a few of the paintings that sprung forth!

Abstract Andrea

Trying for a more abstract look in my flower series. Also really blended the colors, trying to achieve a blurry, almost melted look. Having fun, creating and seeing what blooms.

Good Friday Flower Pixie

Working in the studio today on my flower series of paintings a pixie suddenly appeared in a golden layer. Standing to the right of the flower she seemed quite determined to prop it up. She has quite the stylish short 'do so maybe she just got back from the hair salon. Her eyes are closed, her face is slightly tilted and she has a little pout. I'd love to hear the story of what caused the pout! Would love suggestions for names for this pretty spring pixie!

Weekend studio fun

Part 2 of my flower series. Using mixed media paper in various sizes to create a series of prints. It's fun seeing how the colors meld together and adding more layers to get some depth to the images.

Back in the studio

It was wonderful to be back in the studio today after being away in NYC for Spring Break!

My head is filled with springtime flowers blooming all over Dallas. Had fun using some new acrylic paints, my Gelli plate and some stencils to create these blooms:

Spring break in NYC

As I write, the snowfall has stopped for the moment in New York. Christophe, Emilie and I are here visiting for Emilie's spring break.

Today is the first "day off" that we've had since we've arrived, due to the winter storm that came in last night.

View from our NYC apartment.


As an artist, the trip has been paradise as we have so far visited: The Guggenheim, The Whitney Museum of Modern Art, and the MOMA.

SB NYC 4.jpg

I was inspired by this piece at The Guggenheim by Paul Klee:

It is charcoal on cloth, mounted on paper, part of a series of works he did after he returned from a trip to Egypt. When I am back home and in the studio I hope to create some pieces with this work in mind.

The winter storm is moving away, so we have more wonderful vacation days still to come. Yet to experience, the Brooklyn Museum to see the Georgia O'Keeffe: Living Modern exhibit and The New Museum of Contemporary Art.

You never know what will appear.

Played with this canvas until a bold spring flower scene appeared. Or as Christophe saw it, a winking Santa Claus. Used my fingers to paint the final layer, as it gives me more control over what I'd like to achieve.