RAW Artist Dallas ENVISION Showcase - January 11, 2018

The RAW Artist ENVISION Showcase was an amazing experience! My first official showcase! Thank you to Shauna for swooping in and helping me setup, providing moral support AND doing my makeup for the evening! How spoiled was I?!

Thank you to Walter, Kim, Elizabeth, Greg, Ashley and my daughter Emilie and her boyfriend Max for coming out to see my show and all your love and support!  Thank you to my husband Christophe who helped me with all the prep work for the show and was very much missed as he had to be out of town for work.

I am on top of the world with inspiration from the evening and excited for the next steps in my creative journey.

Some of my near term goals:

1. Create more art of course!

2. Showcase my work at the upcoming market at Dallas Market Center.

3. Submit my art to the Vignette Women's Art Fair 2018 (April 11-15 at the Women's Museum at Fair Park) Call for Artist Submissions. 

Here are some photos I wanted to share from the RAW Artist ENVISON Showcase!

Andrea at her showcase.jpg
Andrea at her showcase 2.jpg
Andrea showcase 2.jpg
Andrea and Ashley at RAW.jpg
Andrea Walter and Kim at RAW.jpg
Raw Artist ENVISION Showcase wide view.jpg
Andrea and Shauna at Raw 2018.jpg
Shauna and Emilie at Raw 2018.jpg