Back to school!

As of this fall I am back at school! I won’t tell you how long it’s been since the last time I was a student, suffice to say it’s been awhile!

I made the decision to pursue fine arts painting back in 2014 and I have never looked back! Over the past four years I have taken classes, watched a lot of art tutorials on YouTube and in general taught myself to paint!

I set a goal for myself this year to take my art education to the next level and take some formal education in art.

This September, I began pursuing a Fine Arts Certification with Sessions College for Professional Design! Over the next six months I will be taking Drawing, Figure Drawing, Painting, Visual Arts, Art History and Watercolor!

I am super excited about all the art education I am going to soak up!

Below is an assignment I recently created for my Visual Arts class.

I was asked to create two quick, free form compositions, one focusing on something happy and one focusing on something sad. Then I was asked to describe each one. Below are my compositions and their corresponding descriptions.

I am happy to report I received an “A” on the assignment! Plus my instructor is nominating my works to be featured in Sessions Student Art Gallery!

Happy Composition:

I created this composition recalling the very happy and joyous time I spent with friends and family in Paris this summer. While I was there, I usually walked to get where I was going. There were flowers everywhere, in the parks, on balconies, in floral shops! They made me happy! I created this painting with a variety of pastel colored acrylic paints. I tried to capture the abundance of flowers with a very spontaneous and abstract technique. Painting with pure abandonment and joy so as to try and convey the happy feelings I had discovering each and every bloom.  

Intro to Visual Arts Exercise 1 Happy Andrea Lamarsaude.jpg

Sad Composition:

In this composition I tried to convey the overwhelming sadness that enveloped our family when we lost our home and pets to a fire in 2014. I used a flower stencil, black and burgundy spray paint and a red acrylic paint to create a multi-layered piece using the complexity technique. I painted abstractly and quickly, almost roughly to push the sadness and anger I felt into the painting. The flower stencil represents our home and pets, the layered spray paints are the ash they became and finally the pops of red to convey fire, anger and destruction. I used a transparency technique between the layers to visually represent what we lost.  


Intro to Visual Arts Exercise 1 Sad Andrea Lamarsaude.jpg